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Tung Fook Church has been partnering with Zion Healing Centre for more than six years. In this period of time, we witness hundreds of our brothers and sisters achieve a breakthrough in their spiritual life. Many of them are sincere Christians who are eager to grow in their relationship with Christ. However, their past had hamstrung their growth. With the help of this centre which trains and equips our counselors, and by the grace of our Lord, we manage to assist them to be delivered from the yoke of darkness, their heart are healed and they are set free!

As they mention in their vision that the blessings of Isaiah 61 is to be realized in people’s life, we could see this centre is adding values to the pastoring process of our church and our pastors have been receiving great blessings from them. We believe this is a wonderful partnership between our church and the Ministries.

We have great respect for Zion Healing Centre because they are dedicated, proficient, systematic and biblical in training our leaders and pastors as skillful counselors. Meanwhile, they also provide valuable mentorship to these counselors so that they are continuously growing in both knowledge and experience.

I need to honor particularly Pastor Titus, Pastor Esther and their team who had undoubtedly contributed much to the development of the healing and deliverance ministry in our Church. I treasure the devotion, profession and humility of these faithful workers in Christ. I pray that this team and our partnership will be used by God to fulfill His plan in an even more extensive scope in future.

Kennedy Tse Yau Sang, Senior Pastor, Evangelical Free Church of China Tung Fook Church