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Keys To Restoring Lives ‘B’ School (Registration CLOSED. Current On-Going Class)

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An exciting new flipped classroom format allows you to view bilingual pre-recorded training videos at your own pace with online interactive discussions in English for depth and insight. 

There are online Personal Pastoral Session, Remote Prayer Appointments as well as in-person Prayer Ministry Appointments for personal growth and breakthroughs. 

“When I came for the Modular 'B' course, I was feeling stressed from work demands and changes at the workplace.  The modules on Stress and Anxiety, Setting Boundaries and Ungodly Leadership were especially helpful for me.  The knowledge I received created greater self-awareness in me and helped me cope better.” 

“I had felt burdened to serve in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry.  I am involved in the ministry of meeting the needs of women in my church.  So finding out about Ellel and attending the courses here was timely for me.” 

“I thank God for the timeliness of the Modular 'B' Course.  I was going through grief over painful church relationships and the module on Relationships and Spiritual Authority brought to me useful insights and the Lord’s comfort.  The module on Fear/Depression also helped me journey with someone who was receiving treatment for her mental illness.” 


Built upon the foundation of the Keys to Restoring Lives 'A' School, the Keys to Restoring Lives 'B' School equips you with additional keys to help others whilst encouraging personal growth and healing in your own life. 

This Keys to Restoring Lives 'B' School is the Midnight Cry of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and cities from being asleep to being awakened, and from carrying no oil to having oil to keep your lamps burning as wise virgins just as in Matthew 25:6-13.  You will be awakened to “The Midnight Cry” as in Matthew 25:6, “At Midnight the cry rang out: “Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet Him!”  You will wake up, trim your lamps and carry oil to keep your light burning to get ready to welcome the Bridegroom King’s return to earth! 

This Covid-19 pandemic signals to us of the signs of the End of Age.  It exposes the desperate need for divine healing and deliverance in our society.  Jesus Christ, the Great Physician and Bridegroom King is calling you to be the salt and light in these troubled times. You need to learn, to experience and then bring His healing hands to the multitudes in your daily life.  You will need to ask the Holy Spirit to pour His anointing oil into your lamps to be His prayer ministers to your family and friends, your colleagues and strangers who need the healing and deliverance power of God.  Holy Spirit wants to use you to bring His hope, comfort, healing, and deliverance to the world. Let’s hurry!  Let the King Jesus bring you into His chambers. (Song of Songs 1:4). 


The modules have been selected to provide teaching and understanding in manageable units, as well as inspiring and encouraging personal growth, healing and restoration. This is vital for equipping God’s people to minister His healing power and love out of a real understanding and personal experience. 

Students who have completed the School have discovered that their walk with the Lord has been enriched and their relationship with Jesus has deepened. Additionally, many have found that their individual callings have been confirmed. Many have experienced transformation in their courtship, marriage, family and work life. Many parents discover that they are better equipped in their parental role. Pastors and leaders have discovered that there is a great need in their church for this training course. People in the marketplace have found new strength and meaning to work as salt and light in society. 

The flipped classroom format of the Modular School 'B' consists of students viewing 10 modules of bilingual pre-recorded training videos and engaging in a weekly 2.5 hour of online discussions in English. Each module consists of 4 training videos of about 2 hours each. Students have two months before each module commences to view the training videos and 2 weeks to complete the assignments. Weekly online discussions take place on Saturdays from 9.30am to 12pm. Each student meets the Centre Director for an online Personal Pastoral Session as well as receive in-person Prayer Ministry Appointments during the Course. 

The course is designed to present key principles relating to the healing ministry and to encourage and challenge in a gentle and sensitive way. The modules are progressive in their teaching content, and for this reason students are encouraged to go through them in the established order. 


There are 10 modules of pre-recorded videos. You are given 2 months before each module commences to view the training videos of about 2 hours each. 

Weekly online discussions on Zoom: 
Saturdays 9.30am to 12.00pm 
Personal Pastoral Session on Zoom and In-person Personal Ministry Appointments while the Modular 'B' course is ongoing. 


  1. Welcome, Orientation & Introduction to Mod B Teaching and Objectives
    Zoom session on 21/10 (Sat) 9.30am to 12.30pm

  2. Anger… How Do We Handle It?  
    Zoom session on 28/10 & 4/11 (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    Anger expressed and used in godly ways it can be a wonderful motivator. Sadly for most of us, we have not been taught how to express our anger in godly ways. Often we either try to bury it or we explode in angry outbursts which cause harm in our relationships. The foundational teaching identifies the specific roots of anger, whilst the practical teaching on the rightful expression of anger shows how to bring this powerful emotion back under godly control.

  3. Understanding Abuse
    Zoom session (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    This course is designed to train and equip those who care for and minister healing to people who have been abused. It will benefit anyone involved in counselling or church prayer ministry teams. So many people's lives are controlled by confusion, guilt and self-rejection because they have experienced abuse of some kind. The sensitive teaching will also help those who have been abused to understand some of the difficulties they experience; this can be a vital key to healing and freedom.

  4. Healing for Victims of Accident & Trauma
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    Post-traumatic stress and the consequences of accidents continue to affect many people's lives, even years after the event. This is because traumas and accidents can cause damage to our spirit and soul as well as to our bodies. This course explores vital keys to lasting healing.

  5. Ministry into Loss, Grief and Depression
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm

  6. Steps to Freedom from Addiction
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    Are you in control of your life or is something in control of you? This ministry course offers hope and help if you are struggling with any kind of addiction or seeking to help others. It shows you how to deal with the root causes of the addiction, and thus gain freedom and victory over the habits.
  7. Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    As Christians, we can feel failures because we are unable to see any victory or change in our problematic behaviour, emotional responses and ways of thinking. This practical course will address how we all have blind spots and areas of our subconscious thinking which colour all that we see and do. God wants to expose these and bring truth to the innermost parts.

  8. Spiritual Leadership & Ungodly Control
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    This course identifies the traits of godly and ungodly leadership. It explores the types of ungodly leadership operating in different environment. These areas include the family, church, community, and marketplaces. It teaches how to minister into the market place strongholds, dealing with Jezebel and Ahab spirits. It aims to establish godly leadership in arenas of life experiences.

  9. Truth About Relationships
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    God created us to relate with others work-mates, fellow Christians, marriage partner and members of our families - but these relationships are often flawed and can become a source of pain and misery. This course will help us understand what goes wrong in relationships and offers practical help to improve and even restore those relationships that seem beyond repair.

  10. Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Burnout
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    This much-needed course will help you to find the true peace you are searching for, which comes only from Jesus. It looks at the root causes of anxiety and stress and how these can be dealt with through healing and prayer ministry. Biblical principles are also given to show how we can handle stressful relationships and situations in a godly way.

  11. Idolatry
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.00pm
    This module takes a step further in examining idolatry and how to minister into different forms of Occult in a deeper level. There will be steps to breakthrough from the stronghold of past involvement in such forms of idolatry.

  12. Graduation
    Zoom session on (Sat) 9.30am to 12.30pm


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